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It is not enough to make goals. We also need to be brave. My spiritual teacher Eknath Easwaran explained what the Buddha meant when he used the word “brave:”

“Mature people have to learn to like what they do. Immature people can carry on, can go on doing what they like. So that is how I would explain the term ‘brave.’
“See sometimes in the papers, even in the olden days, in the papers or in the magazines, I would hear about somebody being called very brave because he laid down his life. I would say, 'Oh, yes. But, according to the Buddha, it demands greater courage to live for others, to forget oneself, to make one’s life a contribution to all those around.' ”

Real bravery requires setting aside our petty, private satisfactions if need be and asking how we can contribute to those around. With that said, let’s review the needs of the whole:

  1. Go Plant-Based Diet: We need over 60% of the world to go plant-based diet by 2026 to 1) prevent fresh water scarcity and, 2) allow re-wilding that will both bolster biodiversity and capture all of the carbon released from 1750 – 2015. William James, the Parent of American Psychology, put it simply: “Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”
  2. Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Going plant-based diet reduces your global emissions 30-51%. If you go solar or switch your energy service to renewable resources (see Article 2: Trial by Fire), then your household fossil fuel use approaches zero. Even better if you do that and power your electric car that way (or don’t drive at all) and switch all gas appliances to electric.
  3. Communicate: Host as many people as you can in climate change pizza parties within 3 months. (Show the videos on our website, contact us for a DVD or bring folks to an event.). If you do, we will onboard 611 people (about 360 million people) by 2023. As Ralph Waldo Emerson stated, “The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.” By influencing a few loved ones, you may ultimately influence thousands of people in your downstream network!

Energy, food and communication quickened the hunter-gatherer revolution (250,000-500,000 years ago: fire, hunting and cooking meat, and spoken language), the agricultural revolution (10,000 years ago: animal energy for plowing, cultivated gardens, and written language) and the industrial revolution (250 years ago: fossil fuels, livestock, and the printing press).

Similarly, we can use the following to amplify the Great Transition:

  • - local, organic vegan eating “LOVE” (food),
  • - solar and wind energy (energy), and
  • - the internet (communication).

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